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Slab Sawing (also known as Flat Sawing)

Flat sawing is the most commonly used diamond cutting method. It is typically used to cut horizontal flat surfaces such as floors, bridge decks, and pavement. Also called slab saws, flat saws feature a diamond blade that is mounted on a walk-behind machine requiring only one operator. Flat saws are typically used to provide expansion joints, remove damaged pavement sections, clean and repair random cracks for repair, and remove concrete sections for demolition purposes.

Typical Applications:

  Cutting plumbing and electrical trenchers in slabs
  Cutting reinforced concrete floors
  Cutting expansion and control joints
  Cutting sidewalks

As with the diamond wall saw blade, a flat saw blade consists of a circular steel core with diamond segments attached to the periphery. The blade is mounted vertically on the spindle of the flat saw. The flat saw is pushed or propelled along a flat surface while the diamond blade makes the vertical cut to the required depth. Flat saws are typically powered by gasoline or diesel engines, electric or hydraulic sources. Flat saw blades can range from 12 - 54 inches (305 mm - 1.4 m) in diameter and can cut up to 24 inches (610 mm) in depth.

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While flat sawing has many highway and airport applications, a typical building application is the removal of floor structures. A CSDA contractor removed three levels of a Syracuse, New York parking building. The parking deck had to be removed after a section collapsed and made the building unsafe. The concrete structure was primarily made of 10-1/2 inch (267 mm) thick cast-in-place concrete with 5/8 inch (16 mm) rebar on 12 inch (305 mm) centers. Over 3,048 feet (929 m) of 15 inch (381 mm) slab, 3,048 feet (929 m) of 8 inch (203 mm) slab, 24,476 feet 7460 m) of 10-1/2 inch (267 mm) slab, 3,058 feet (932 m) of 15 inch (381 mm) slab, and 933 feet (284 m)of 18 - 24 inch (457 - 610 mm) slab was cut with flat saws and removed by cranes. Slab sawing, as well as wall sawing, was the best demolition choice due to its speed, control of the process, low noise in a downtown setting and safety in a confined area.

(description of slab sawing partially provided by: Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association)


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